Keyboard shortcuts
  • 04 Jan 2023
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Keyboard shortcuts

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Article Summary

Ctrl+KQuick launcher (backend)
Available actions depend on the current view
Fast way to:
- go to pages
- find and select components
- switch company
Ctrl+OFocus component filter boxOnly in editor view
Ctrl+Shift+LSend current session log to the monitoring tool (backend & configurator)To reproduce or analyze possible bugs

Code editor

Ctrl+SpaceAutocompleteCode completion for keywords and components
Ctrl+BAutoformat recordsFormats all records in a table-like manner
Ctrl+FSearchJump to the first occurence of the searched text.
To go through all occurences use Ctrl``G
supports regex
Ctrl+GFind nextGo to the next occurence of the active search.
If there is no active search a normal search is triggered beforehand
Ctrl+Shift+GFind previousGo to the previous occurence of the active search
Alt+FPersistent SearchDialog doesn't autoclose, enter to find next, Shift-Enter to find previous
supports regex
Ctrl+Shift+HReplace (first occurence)After entering the search string, a second box appears to enter the replacement text.
supports regex
Ctrl+Shift+RReplace allAfter entering the search string, a second box appears to enter the replacement text
supports regex
Alt+GJump to line15 = line 15
15:30 = line 15, colum 30
50% = center line of whole editor
Ctrl+DRemove line
Ctrl+Shift+DDuplicate line
Alt+JSelect next occurrence of word or selectionCreates multiple selections and allows editing all selections at once
See example
Ctrl+Alt+Up/DownSelect next line down/up. Create multiple cursors.
Ctrl+Mouse LeftCreate multiple cursorsWith every mouseclick another cursor gets added
Alt+Mouse Left DragCreate "rectangle selection" for multiple cursorsSee example


Regex search or replace

TextSearch textMatchReplace textResult
Hallo World!/H[ae]llo/Hallo WorldHiHi World!
cAsE iNsensitIVE/case/icAsE iNsensitIVECASECASE iNsensitIVE
453.1282/(\d+[.]\d{2})\d*/(453.12)82$1 kg453.12 kg

Rectangle selection

  • fast text replace or text insert that's vertically aligned

Alt-J selection

  • change on multiple columns
  • alternative for specific text replacements
    • example: column "HexCode=Text" should be left untouched, when replacing "Hex"


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