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  • 08 Jul 2024
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Release Notes

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Release 08 Jul 24

Version 2.1.202407082

NewVisualize transformations, morph targets and animations in 3d asset

Release 02 Jul 24

Version 2.1.202407021

ChangeCustom code (version 1.0.0 or above)
  • General improvement how and when components are requested from the server
  • CustomJSCmps are no longer necessary
  • For more details see custom-code-utils - Release Notes

Release 27 Jun 24

Version 2.1.202406271

NewSystem provided fallback assets for data sources: Default values for linked assets are no longer mandatory. The platform automatically provides suitable fallback assets for you.
NewNew quick access bar in configurator editor for important components like user interface & checkout.
Change⭐ Design component & editor is now called user interface and only accessible via the quick access bar at the top, not via the component list anymore.
ChangeOverhauled layout in add control dialog of user interface editor.

Release 25 Jun 24

Version 2.1.202406251

NewUpdate viewer control to be compatible with reworked viewer version V13.0.0

Release 12 Jun 24

Version 2.1.202406121

NewAdd notification support to get notified whenever a workflow fails.

Release 04 Jun 24

Version 2.1.202406042

Change⭐ Updated the UI of the configurator editor to align with the general platform design
FixMinor improvements and fixes (copying controls, auto-generated typings, etc.)

Release 28 May 24

Version 2.1.202405281

NewImproved asset bundle version management:
  • Only show the most relevant asset bundle versions in the version selection dropdown
  • Added "Manage versions" page with detailed bundle version information and possibility to load and edit further versions.

Release 13 May 24

Version 2.1.202405131

NewAdd synchronization functionality to Custom code
  • Connects your configurator editor and preview to your locally running custom code project (IDE)
  • Quickly update component typings with the click of a button

Release 2 May 24

Version 2.1.202405021

NewIntroducing configurator stages:
  • test all features of a configurator (e.g. checkout, share) without having to publish it
  • embed it on QA sites for end-to-end tests
  • repeatedly stage drafts to update the stage
  • once fully tested, publish the stage
ChangeRevamped asset editor UI:
  • Reorganized elements for improved usability
  • Customizable layout with collapsible and resizable panels
  • Improved user guidance with breadcrumbs and conditional content (e.g. for empty bundles or folders)
NewYou can now restore deleted configurator drafts within 30 days of deleting them
NewPublish a history version of a configurator directly (without having to create a draft), e.g. to roll back to the previous version when the current version causes unexpected problems
NewSimpler ways to open drafts and the live version of the configurator read-only

Release 23 Apr 24

Version 2.1.202404231

NewImproved error handling for data sources: Asset errors are shown per column and row directly in the data source preview now.
This improves the general workflow of configuring data sources and reduces generic errors like Cannot read 'Bool' value in data source or similar.

Release 16 Apr 24

Version 2.1.202404163

New"Signals & Slots" list in design editor also shows control properties which use Hive rules and is now called "Connections".
This also includes:
  • Easier spotting and navigation to erroneous Hive rules in control properties
  • Improved visualization of the active filter in list
NewPreviously selected control is automatically re-selected when entering the design editor
NewLarge Hive editor is automatically opened when enabling Hive for a control property
NewHive can now also be enabled for the Font property
Fix"Ooops error" when hovering with the mouse over CSS classes in the custom CSS editor
FixRe-added code completion for built in CSS classes of controls which were erroneously removed with introduction of Monaco editor
FixRemoved incorrectly shown scrollbars in design editor when selecting a control which caused unpleasant & irritating layout shifts
FixSometimes enabling Hive for a control property required 2 clicks

Release 09 Apr 24

Version 2.1.202404091

NewIntroduce Custom code as successor of CustomJS

Release 02 Apr 24

Version 2.1.202404021

NewButton property "Hyperlink target" which allows more fine grained control over where the link should open (in new tab, same tab, parent frame, ...)
NewImproved cfgr draft preview (configurations will be persisted, edit/copy urls are now supported, ...)

Release 20 Mar 24

Version 2.1.202403201

FixPinterest share button didn't work in some occasions
FixInconsistent behavior in the code editor when using save hotkeys

Release 18 Mar 24

Version 2.1.202403183

NewNew code editor inside the configurator editor. Based on the so-called "Monaco editor" which is also used by VS Code.
NewButton in table components to conveniently create a table selection component
Change3d viewer control in design editor automatically reloads when asset bundle assignments of configurator are changed to always show the latest model
FixImproved behavior for Ctrl+z in code editor. No more unexpected occurrence of code from other components etc.
FixDesign editor was sometimes broken after changing asset assignments of configurator

Release 14 Mar 24

Version 2.1.202403141

Fix"Oops error" after reconnecting a timed out session in configurator
FixAutomatic activation of 3d viewer inspector in configurator preview when not possible due to usage of viewer production build

Release 13 Mar 24

Version 2.1.202403131

NewAdd option to disable autofocusing camera when switching models in viewer control
NewFresh look for configurator preview header with new options
  • Use local custom TS/JS
  • Show SigSlo logs in the browser console
ChangeWhen the Babylon inspector is shown in the configurator preview using the button in the preview header, it will be automatically re-shown after page refresh
ChangeNew browser tab titles, so that different ares like editor, assets, configurator preview etc. are easier to distinguish when developing a configurator with multiple tabs open
FixConfigurator preview watch results have not been updated anymore after session reconnect

Release 04 Mar 24

Version 2.1.202403041

NewAsset Manager: UI displays asset errors and warnings to inform about problems in asset bundles
NewAsset Manager: Now supports additional material types (like "StandardMaterial") for 3D model uploads
ChangeRedirect to home page instead of dashboard after login and other situations
ChangeAn asset bundle with errors can no longer be published

Release 22 Feb 24

Version 2.1.202402221

NewA new Text.encodeJson() function escapes reserved characters in a JSON text
NewThe Number.toText() function now accepts an optional Locale parameter to format a number according to that region (e.g., etc.)

Release 20 Feb 24

Version 2.1.202402201

NewModernized the whitelisted domain settings on the embedding page
ChangeTo make configurator draft previews behave more like published configurators, only updates of actively used components will now be sent (you can still use watches in the debug panel to access any component)

Release 13 Feb 24

Version 2.1.202402131

FixBroken "forget password" feature

Release 12 Feb 24

Version 2.1.202402121

NewShow origin of 3d model in babylon asset preview
NewSelect nodes in babylon asset via picking mesh in preview

Release 08 Feb 24

Version 2.1.202402082

NewOptional chaining operator (?.) in Hive to only access properties / call functions when the current expression is not empty
NewYou can now create empty lists ( []) in Hive. The type of the list will be inferred automatically.
NewHive variables are now fully supported in table component queries.

Release 02 Feb 24

Version 2.1.202402021

NewMake viewer control loading mask texts adjustable
FixViewer control loading mask gets hidden immediately when starting AR journey

Release 01 Feb 24

Version 2.1.202402011

NewNew proprties gap & padding for container controls (panel, layer & wizard page). padding is also available for dataviews.
Those new properties behave exactly the same as their CSS counterparts gap & padding.
NewChange assigned material of any mesh in the babylon asset
NewBatch saving node changes (tags and material) in babylon asset

Release 24 Jan 24

Version 2.1.202401241

NewWelcome page
NewAdvanced configurator templates with asset support
NewAsset tree view: Multi-select with Ctrl or Shift and bulk edit them

Release 9 Jan 24

Version 2.1.202401091

NewSelf service account creation
NewRevamped invitation system
NewAuto save changes in design editor when page is left to go to configurator preview (or somewhere else)
NewPrevent closing of page when there are unsaved changes in design editor
FixPrevent changes in custom CSS to overwrite CSS variables which have been set by the UpdateCssVariables slot

Release 21 Dec 23

Version 2.1.202312211

NewAdd UI for configuring textures inside material asset basic editor

Release 12 Dec 23

Version 2.1.202312121

NewYou can now use variables in Hive!

Release 21 Nov 23

Version 2.1.202311211

NewPreserve file names when downloading assets
NewAdd additional shopify parameters (Weight, WeightUnit & CategoryId)
FixChanges in the asset draft are now always correctly applied to the cfgr draft
FixFix problems with the viewer-only configurator creation

Release 08 Nov 23

Version 2.1.202311081

FixIntroduce a Url property for GraphicComponent that is correctly updated e.g. when a configuration is copied.
The GetUrl() function does not always update correctly and will be deprecated in a future release.

Release 07 Nov 23

Version 2.1.202311071

NewManagers & admins can now manage company settings & api tokens
RemoveIntegration system (FTP, REST, Website, Magento)
RemoveMagento 2 shop

Release 06 Nov 23

Version 2.1.202311061

NewYou can now sort the records returned by a data source query and/or limit how many records can be returned

Release 31 Oct 23

Version 2.1.202310311

NewLive-preview of 3d materials within the asset material editor
NewContent of data sources can now be previewed directly in the asset editor
ChangeImproved import of data sources based on excel files:
  • General improvement how column types are detected
  • Default values can be changed when "Auto config detection" is enabled
  • Default values are now considered when auto detecting the type of a column

Release 24 Oct 23

Version 2.1.202310241

ChangeColor properties of material assets:
  • Text input is now a hex color code
  • More sophisticated color picker
  • Correctly apply colors in the 3d model (automatic color space conversion)

Release 19 Oct 23

Version 2.1.202310194

ChangeVarious Babylon.js inspector adjustments:
  • added button to start inspector from debug panel
  • inspector renders outside configurator to keep configurator layout untouched
  • various fixes due to reworked integration in 3d viewer

Release 17 Oct 23

Version 2.1.202310171

NewData source queries now support the not and - (negation) operator as well as all number functions (toText, round, floor, ceiling, truncate, atLeast, atMost)

Release 16 Oct 23

Version 2.1.202310161

NewImprove user experience for material asset expert editor

Release 11 Oct 23

Version 2.1.202310111

NewYou can now target an existing configurator when copying a configurator to another company (a draft will be created)
NewA configurator draft will display a lock icon when another user is currently editing it.

Release 4 Oct 23

Version 2.1.202310042

NewCopy configurators and asset bundles across companies

Release 4 Oct 23

Version 2.1.202310041

NewCustom layout property for dataviews which allows the user to further customize the appearance of dataview entries using a HTML templating language
NewHive in controls enabled for Entries & Value property of dataviews & comboboxes
NewNew parameter for viewer AR slot which allow customization of environment and loading screen logo
FixLoading screen of the babylon asset preview sometime got stuck
FixWrong assignment of texture image assets in babylon asset preview

Release 17 Aug 23

Version 2.1.202308171

NewCollapsible sidebar in dashboard
NewAllow deletion of configurator even if there are finished or shared configurations
NewNew "sanitize value" checkbox in editor for certain control properties when "Hive in controls" is enabled for them (e.g. label.Value, panel.HeaderText, ...) which allows disabling of User input sanitization when needed
ChangeImprovements for Hive in controls:
  • Better initial rule when enabling Hive support for Visible property
  • When creating a control via drag & drop of a component, Hive in controls is used instead of SigSlo where possible
FixIssues when continuing editing in a timed out session.
E.g. new Hive rule is now correctly applied without having to reload the page or switching the selected component etc.
FixZooming model in 3d viewer with mouse wheel does not scroll parent containers (like parent page) anymore

Release 1 Aug 23

Version 2.1.202308011

New⭐ Hive in controls. You can now write Hive logic in control properties.
FixThe error indicator for TableComponents now correctly resets when an error in the query is fixed

Release 15 Jun 23

Version 2.1.202306151

NewData source queries now allow columns to be modified and new ones to be created
ChangeYou may now use more operators, functions and if/then/else expressions in query filters

Release 13 Jun 23

Version 2.1.202306131

NewNew Shopify shop
NewProvide cache for data sources to speed up queries
ChangeRename DIY to FLEX shop
ChangeMinor fixes (trim whitespace during login, reorder shops types, ...)

Release 01 Jun 23

Version 2.1.202306011

NewIntroduce 3D/AR viewer configurator

Release 24 May 23

Version 2.1.202305241

NewShow / hide nodes in babylon asset preview
FixLayering order (z-index) of modal dialogs and load masks

Release 10 May 23

Version 2.1.202305102

NewCustom date range picker for configurator metrics on dashboard
NewIntegrate documentation as dockable side panel (Doc360 Knowledge Base Widget)

Release 08 May 23

Version 2.1.202305081

Fix"Oops error" when passing invalid tag manager values to 3d viewer control. This fix requires an update from viewer v9.0.0 to v9.0.1 which is performed automatically by the system.

Release 03 May 23

Version 2.1.202305031

NewMaterial parameters in viewer controls Set parameter values slot

Release 28 Apr 23

Version 2.1.202304281

NewStart AR slot in viewer control

Release 27 Apr 23

Version 2.1.202304271

NewIntersect function for (record component) tables
ChangeUpdate of all mail texts + links

Release 20 Apr 23

Version 2.1.202304201

FixAdded support for viewer version 8 in viewer control
RemoveRemove Google Analytics from cfgr page

Release 17 Apr 23

Version 2.1.202304171

NewCreate empty PbrMaterial assets
NewUpload JSON files to create PbrMaterial assets

Release 13 Apr 23

Version 2.1.202304131

NewAPI which allows the 3d viewer control to be used with custom JS
New__root__ nodes are now automatically renamed when converting a GLB to a babylon asset to prevent name clashes in the 3d viewer
NewAutomatically remove unused "default material" from __root__ node when converting GLB to a babylon asset to prevent bootstrap errors in viewer control
FixBug when importing 3d assets with long material names which prevented creation of some material assets

Release 04 Apr 23

Version 2.1.202304041

NewNew UI for dashboard and its related pages
NewUsers with an existing account can be added to the company without invite mail

Release 30 Mar 23

Version 2.1.202303301

NewViewer 3d control
ChangeEvery company now has asset support
ChangeReduce workflow schedule interval to 1h

Release 20 Mar 23

Version 2.1.202303202

NewSupport creation of 3D assets from GLB files

Version 2.1.202303201

NewHTTP requests for workflows.

Release 15 Mar 23

Version 2.1.202303151

NewMaterial names are now automatically corrected when a Babylon asset is uploaded.

Release 08 Mar 23

Version 2.1.202303081

NewThe new text asset can store large textual content that can be used in the configurator editor (unlike a file asset's content).

Release 06 Mar 23

Version 2.1.202303061

New3D Preview for babylon assets introduced

Release 27 Feb 23

Version 2.1.202302271

NewTag editor for babylon assets introduced
FixTable components are now always updated correctly when adding or removing columns from their data source

See new section in Babylon and PBR material assets page and tag manager page in viewer docs for more details on what you can do with them.

Release 01 Feb 23

Version 2.1.202302011

NewWorkflows introduced

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