Release Notes - 2022 & earlier
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Release Notes - 2022 & earlier

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Release 05 Dec 22

Version 2.0.202212051

NewNew Shopware 6 type
ChangeNew default JSON structure for DIY shop

Release 10 Oct 22

Version 2.0.202210101

NewSupport the creation of data source assets based on Excel file assets. Updates on file assets will be propagated to all linked data sources.

Release 29 Sep 22

Version 2.0.202209291

NewImprove performance of TableComponent queries.
Long-running operations, like loading data from a DataSource, are now scheduled more intelligently to reduce waiting times in configurators.

Release 27 Sep 22

Version 2.0.202209271

New⭐ Support for Babylon & PbrMaterial assets
See How to create and use babylon & material assets for more details!
New⭐ Asset upload dialog provides options to change the suggested name & choose different target folders per asset

Related releases:

Release 11 Aug 22

Version 2.0.202208111

NewSimplify reading & writing of components in CustomJS (custom-js-utils v6 or higher)

Release 9 Aug 22

Version 2.0.202208091

Improvements for navigation & searchability of controls in design editor:

NewSearch field above controls tree
NewQuick launcher (Ctrl+K) also shows controls when inside design editor
NewOption in quick launcher to only show components or controls in search result
FixRe-select control in tree after renaming it even when control is inside inactive wizard page etc.

Minor fix in dashboard:

FixEnd of day for configuration metrics is now 23:59:59 instead of 23:59:00

Release 19 Jul 22

Version 2.0.202207191

NewExcel support for data sources

Release 7 Jul 22

Version 2.0.202207071

NewSetEntries slot of dataviews & comboboxes now also support CSS colors like hex codes (e.g. #009a92) or RGB values (e.g. rgb(0, 154, 299)) in addition to Hive images.
I.e. stuff like "#009a92".ToColor().ToImage() should not be needed anymore in this area and color values from CSV asset data sources can now be used as well.

Release 6 Jul 22

Version 2.0.202207062

Sneak peek = Semi transparent background in editors when pressing Shift+Enter

NewCtrl+S in code editors (hive rule, control properties, CSS editor etc.) saves the current changes and does not show the browsers "Save as" dialog anymore
ChangeShift+Enter in CSS & control property editor of design component immediately saves changes
FixSneak peek in design and graphic component shows design resp. graphic instead of global editor background
FixSneak peek sometimes got stuck

Release 6 Jul 22

Version 2.0.202207061

FixBrowser back & forth navigation in asset editor was sometimes not working anymore

Release 30 Jun 22

Version 2.0.202206301

This release contains small tweaks and usability improvements for Assets (preview feature).

NewThe Size of File Assets and DataSources is now displayed in the Asset Editor (existing assets must be re-uploaded first).
NewThe Asset Bundle Assignment dialog now displays more relevant information, like the version name (existing assignments must be updated first).
NewYou can now open a specific Asset Bundle version directly from the Asset Bundle Assignment dialog.
NewWhen you select an assigned Asset Bundle version, all versions of that bundle are now shown.
ChangeIn the Asset Editor, Asset Bundle versions are now sorted by when they were last changed, the newest version is on top and selected by default.
ChangeAll Asset Folders are now collapsed by default.
ChangeWhen editing a DataSource configuration, you can now press the Enter key to insert a new line without closing the dialog.
FixIf you make a mistake when editing a DataSource configuration, you now get a more helpful message.
FixAsset Bundle drafts are automatically created whenever you make any change to a published version – this didn't work in a few cases, but now does.

Release 20 Jun 22

Version 2.0.202206201

New⭐ Assets (preview feature)
  • File and Image Assets can now be uploaded and used in configurators
  • Assets can be organized in Folders
  • Assets can be renamed, copied and deleted
  • Assets can be referenced in DataSources with the new LinkedAsset column

Release 13 Jun 22

Version 2.0.202206131

RemoveCustom ID functionality no longer available

Release 30 Mar 22

Version 2.0.202203303

New⭐ Assets (preview feature)
Import files or resources on company-level to use them inside configurators
  • Manage asset bundles
  • Upload CSV-files as DataSource assets
  • Query DataSource assets with the new TableComponent
New⭐ First page (Asset editor) based on the new front-end stack with React
ChangeThe cursor of comboboxes is now a pointer instead of text when hovered

Release 8 Feb 22

Version 2.0.202202081

NewConfigurator company theme for new Combeenation CI
ChangeEnd user file upload limit increased from 50 to 100 MB

Release 31 Jan 22

Version 2.0.202201311

FixIncorrect SigSlo validation errors shown for SigSlos connected to ShapeDiver 3d control
FixRecord component editor breaks sometimes after auto formatting

Release 22 Dez 21

Version 2.0.202112221

New.NET 6 release

Release 16 Dez 21

Version 2.0.202112161

New⭐ Compare Mode: A draft or version can now be compared to any other version of the same company. It can be started from any editor with the button in the top-left corner.
NewComponents can now be filtered by their type (see menu of the Components-List in the editor). The results can be further filtered with the default text-search.
NewShow the draft name in the top-left of the editor
FixCompany settings window is now scrollable to prevent cut off elements

Release 14 Dez 21

Version 2.0.202112141

FixFixed Shapediver Embedded control having wrong initial parameter values in rare cases

Release 29 Nov 21

Version 2.0.202111291

FixIndex parameter of list slots Add Item & Remove Item are working correctly again.
ChangeAvailable component slots are now chosen based on the component's input type instead of its result type. E.g. a value component with input type text which results in a record can now be used as Set value slot which was not possible earlier.
New⭐ Slot parameters can now directly access column data of value components resulting in a record, which only worked with record components earlier. E.g. SomeValueCmp.ValueChanged -> PriceLabel.setValue(SomeValueCmp.coldata.price).
NewThe configurator slot updateCssVariables now accepts records from any source, previously it only worked with record components.
New⭐ Better visualization for complex component results like records or lists

Release 29 Sep 21

Version 2.0.202109291

Change⭐ Revamped User Permissions
NewShow "Uploaded at" date & time in resource component
FixFixed reconnect issues in rare cases (e.g. when creating a new CSS Module)

Release 18 Aug 21

Version 2.0.202108181

NewCopy drafts across companies (additional drop-down list in the existing dialog)
ChangeSearch fields can be cleared with the Esc key

Release 8 Jul 21

Version 2.0.202107081

New2 responsive templates in the "create configurator" dialog
New⭐ Possibility to create PDFs from "self written" HTML and upload them to a resource component. See CfgrUtils.convertHtmlToPdf in CustomJS utils for details on how to use this.

Release 23 Jun 21

Version 2.0.202106231

Change⭐ Revamped configurator dashboard (formerly known as gallery), now contains views for all companies/configurators/drafts, company/configurator settings and a new cfgn metrics overview
NewNew property price for all shops. The price of the finish (if set) will be taken into account for the Total Revenue calculation
FixTextbox caption wasn't correctly positioned when set to "Top"
FixUsers no longer need to logout/login in order to see company assignment changes (e.g. added or removed from a company)
ChangeUngzipped Babylon files will be gzipped on upload

Release 11 Mai 21

Version 2.0.202105111

FixFix issue which sometimes caused the configurator to change wizard pages "on its own" in an "infinite loop".
This was mainly an issue when on a bad internet connection.
It can still happen that the configurator changes wizard pages "on its own" but this should now stop quite quick and should not end in an "infinite loop" anymore.
FixDesign editor: Some properties with dropdown-values showed only the id instead of the display name
ChangeImproved visualization of preview/transient mode and read-only mode in the cfgr editor
ChangeSeveral improvements and design changes as follow-up of the redesign:
  • Blue background for configurator editor "landing page" as well
  • Reskinned "browser not supported page"
  • Adjust upper alignment of component editors main panel and property lists
  • Hide "zoom control" for default view in the configurator editor background whenever a component editors main panel is visible

Release 26 Apr 21

Version 2.0.202104261

ChangeAvoid showing Shapediver load timeout error if no viewer version is configured
ChangeIn addition to the Redis cache, sessions are now stored in the CosmosDb. Possible Redis cache troubles should no longer disrupt users in the backend.

Release 21 Apr 21

Version 2.0.202104211

NewCompany theme for "Palme" (green loading animation, ...)
NewAutomatically remove leading & trailing whitespaces (blanks, new lines etc.) from resource name given to Upload user resource slot to prevent accidental and hard to solve "ResourceNotFound" errors
FixPrevent exception when opening configurator in hidden Firefox tab

Release 14 Apr 21

Version 2.0.202104141

ChangeImproved changing of combobox values in the Components- and Properties-List
ChangeComponent-List entries use the whole row width when only the name is shown
ChangeAllow text selection in the result panel of Records
FixIssues when combobox values weren't correctly commited
FixPrevent exception when leaving the Design Editor with a Shapediver Embedded control

Release 12 Apr 21

Version 2.0.202104121

FixLoad mask did not disappear when preparing social sharing

Release 4 Apr 21

Version 2.0.202104071

NewAdded new properties CSS Class, Over viewer only and Hide On for customizing load mask of Shapediver Embedded Control

Release 16 Mar 21

Version 2.0.202103161

ChangeSocial Sharing: Added platforms and reworked default button design
See Social share for detailed information.

Release 11 Mar 21

Version 2.0.202103113

NewSupport for new file types in 3d asset resource component: _.stl, _.obj
RemoveRemoved debug controls container for Shapediver Embedded Control

Release 9 Mar 21

Version 2.0.202103092

NewAdded debug controls container for Shapediver Embedded Control

Release 2 Mar 21

Version 2.0.202103021

FixTransition time was not applied when updating camera position in Shapediver viewer

Release 26 Feb 21

Version 2.0.202102262

ChangeShapediver Embedded Control now uses Shapediver API Version V2
FixWhen a record column was named 'ID' and contained identical values, it led to missing entries in the result-view

Release 17 Feb 21

Version 2.0.202102171

NewRedesign of the whole backend

Release 16 Dec 20

Version 1.26.202012161

NewNew signal Selected key changed for record components

Release 9 Dec 20

Version 1.26.202012091

NewNew slot Set caption text for comboboxes
NewSupport for new file types in 3d asset resource component:
*.step, *.stp, *.hdr & *.babylon

Release 13 Aug 20

Version 1.25.202008131

ChangeIncreased draft limit from 5 to 10
ChangeIncreased upload limit from 10 to 50 MB

Release 9 Jul 20

Version 1.25.202007088

ChangeMajor server improvements (Docker, .NET Core, ...)
NewWhitelist settings for configurators
RemoveSocial login buttons removed

Release 26 Jun 20

Version 1.25.19

Change"Non admin" users are now also allowed to delete withdrawn configurators
NewHighlighting for dev drafts in configurator gallery which have not been edited for a long time (@fa-pencil = dev draft exists, @fa-pencil = 2 months untouched, @fa-pencil = 6 months untouched)

Release 7 Mai 20

Version 1.25.17

ChangeIcons to highlight published configurators and configurators with existing dev draft(s) in gallery

Release 6 Feb 20

Version 1.25.3

FixWhen creating a new control via DnD of component, oftentimes an error was shown and SigSlos were not created properly

Release 27 Jan 19

Version 1.25.0

Change⭐ New parameter Sanitize Value for various SigSlo slots.
See User input sanitization for detailed information.
New⭐ Improved support for CSS custom properties (CSS Variables)
NewNew function CtrlUtils.onInteractiveVisualClicked in custom JS API
FixIssue with slider control when settings its value to "0"

Release 2 Aug 19

Version 1.24.87

NewSupport for *.js.gz files
ChangeJavaScript files (*.js) will be gzipped and renamed (to *.js.gz ) upon upload
ChangeGLB files (*.glb) will be gzipped unless they are already gzipped
FixThe tab for the finishes result values will displayed again

Release 03 Jul 19

Version 1.24.80

NewImprovements for Debug view in configurator preview:
  • New button Use local custom JS in control panel which adds uselocalcjs=true URI param
  • Monospaced font for Watches panel
  • Options to copy watch result to clipboard, word wrap & prettify it
NewProperty Viewer version for ShapeDiver3dEmbedded ctrl which can be set via SigSlo. Should be used instead of property Viewer JS from now on.
ChangeDrafts can now be copied from 1 configurator into another already existing one. Until now copying of drafts was only allowed to a new configurator or inside the currently selected configurator.
FixProperties Zoom min & Zoom max of ShapeDiver3dEmbedded control were not working as expected
ChangeMaximum size for archived images increased to 5000px in height 5000px in width

Release 23 May 19

Version 1.24.73

ChangeShopware shop now supports price per unit

Release 28 Apr 19

Version 1.24.64

NewNew slots Set background for labels & Set link URL for buttons
NewNew API methods Cbn.utils.TextHelper.btoaUTF8 & Cbn.utils.TextHelper.atobUTF8 which shall be used in custom JS when converting text (e.g. SVG) to base64 and vice verca instead of erroneous window.atob & window.btoa.
ChangeUpdated Combeenation logo which is shown at the bottom of configurators which have plans for which the ad is shown.

Release 24 Apr 19

Version 1.24.62

NewAdd new resource component type 3D assets (Currently supported: gzipped GLB files)

Release 2 Apr 19

Version 1.24.52

NewAdd new type Hash with the methods computeSha256 & computeHmacSha256
NewAdd new text method IsBase64()

Release 20 Mar 19

Version 1.24.42


Release 12 Mar 19

Version 1.24.41

FixFix zooming of graphic views with mouse wheel in Firefox & IE
NewCombeenation API
ChangeProduct version retention time (keep all versions which are not older than 2 months and always at least 50 versions)

Release 8 Jan 19

Version 1.24.0

NewCustom CSS modules which allow splitting of custom CSS into separate modules
NewSlot Set placeholder for textboxes & comboboxes
ChangeMinor improvements to design editor:
  • Deselect all controls when pressing the alt key
  • Submit add control dialog by Ctrl+Enter
  • Multi line text values in property lists cannot be edited anymore with the lists single line inline editor since that lead to loss of all line breaks

Release 2 Jan 19

Version 1.23.5

New"Notes" property for all controls

Release 29 Nov 18

Version 1.23.3

ChangeVersion history UI updated and minor UI changes on draft list
NewAdded button for showing an embedded example of the configurator

Release 6 Oct 18

Version 1.23.2

NewSlot Redirect parent page for Configurator control
FixSlot Set embed ticket for ShapeDiver3dEmbedded control wasn't working properly

Release 25 Oct 18

Version 1.23.1

NewControl ShapeDiver3dEmbedded for new ShapeDiver viewer can now be created using the "add control" dialog
New⭐ New Configurator control which holds some useful signals & slots to handle IFrame sizes, restart configurations and more
Change⭐ Improved checkout workflow
NewSystem texts like Adding configuration to cart..., Reconnecting... or Update available can now be customized per configurator
FixSlot SetHorizOffset didn't work when layer was hidden

Release 10 Oct 18

Version 1.22.0

FixAdd missing slot Set visibility to slider ctrl
FixFixed several security issues
ChangeNew password policy (password update is recommended)

Release 1 Oct 18

Version 1.21.7

Change⭐ Updated list of officially supported browsers
FixSelection of interactive visuals didn't work anymore in Edge

Release 5 Sep 18

Version 1.21.2

NewHighlighting of names column for erroneous properties in value, graphic, resource & checkout editor
FixDataviews sometimes didn't fire "Value changed" signal correctly
NewProperty "CommPluginSettings" for embedded ShapeDiver3d control

Release 28 Aug 18

Version 1.21.0

NewAll Hive errors now indicate in which rule they originally occurred.
Previously, some errors did not, which made it difficult to figure out what caused them.
ChangeThe ComponentList now only highlights components in which an error originates.
Indirectly affected components will no longer be highlighted to make it simpler to find the root cause of a problem.
ChangeOverhauled all Hive error messages to make them less verbose and more understandable. Type names will now be written into separate lines. Previously, long inline type names made some error messages unreadable.
NewError messages about type mismatches now contain hints about the parts of a type that are not compatible.
For example, if two tables do not match, the message will only mention the affected columns and omit all others.

Release 7 Aug 18

Version 1.20.45

ChangeNew favicon for backend & configurator
NewNew keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+Up/Down for code editor to add new cursor in line above/below
NewButton in configurator preview debugger to get current camera position & parameter info of ShapeDiver3d control
NewProperty & slot to set camera position of ShapeDiver3d control
NewText field in design editors Add control dialog to set initial name of newly created control
FixPrevent copying of control to invalid position. E.g. wizardpages can only be pasted as childs of wizards etc.
FixCorrectly apply background color for ShapeDiver3d ctrl

Release 28 Jun 18

Version 1.20.40

FixThe Set content URL slot of the external content control didn't work when calling it multiple times

Release 11 Apr 18

Version 1.20.35

FixComboBoxes sometimes didn't fire "Value changed" signal correctly
NewAdd handling for session timeout of "old" SD viewer

Release 6 Apr 18

Version 1.20.34

FixSetting checkbox caption via SigSlo sometimes didn't work
NewNew slot "Set caption text" for textboxes

Release 28 May 18

Version 1.20.32

ChangeRasterization will be done via ChromeBeeverter

Release 20 Apr 18

Version 1.20.30

RemoveMail share option from share button. You can still share configurations via mail.

Release 19 Apr 18

Version 1.20.29

FixWhitespace in SVG text will now be preserved

Release 11 Apr 18

Version 1.20.27

FixSlot "Set header text" didn't work correctly under some circumstances
NewNew properties "Zoom min" & "Zoom max" for ShapeDiver3d control

Release 9 Apr 18

Version 1.20.26

FixCertain style issues with older Safari versions (mainly <= v9):
  • Centering of text in buttons
  • Background of RadioButtons with "Looks like button" property set
FixPage panning on touch devices above GraphicView with zoom & pan disabled
ChangeTextboxes "typing" signal has been removed and "value changed" acts a little different now since it is also triggered a short while after the user stopped typing

Release 13 Mar 18

Version 1.20.20

NewREST checkout

Release 22 Feb 18

Version 1.20.15

NewNew properties for the ShapeDiver3d control: Restrict camera, Restrict pan, Control damping, Zoom speed, Viewer version & Show controls
NewNew slots for the ShapeDiver3d control: Set viewer version & Show/hide controls
ChangeSlots to set the ShapeDiver3d control parameters are now shown in alphabetical order

Release 20 Feb 18

Version 1.20.13

NewAdd message hash to Flex checkout

Release 7 Feb 18

Version 1.20.5

NewNew draft properties CreatedBy, LastPreviewedBy, LastPreviewedAt

Release 6 Feb 18

Version 1.20.4

NewSignal "Enter pressed" for textboxes
NewFTP checkout

Release 1 Feb 18

Version 1.20.3

RemoveRemoved the plan keyword (use configurator instead)
RemoveRemoved GetEditLink and GetCopyLink functions from configuration (use EditUrl and CopyUrl instead)

Release 24 Jan 18

Version 1.20.2

FixControls which were disabled by SigSlo were erroneously enabled when a parent panel was enabled by SigSlo
FixControls filter of SigSlo connections list wasn't always working correctly
FixEntered text sometimes disappeared when focus was removed from textbox with connected "typing" signal
FixAdding components per drag & drop to the configurator in the design component sometimes didn't work
ChangeAdjusted embedding info in presets view

Release 21 Dec 17

Version 1.20

New⭐ Introducing the # Operator
NewNew variables configurator and presets
NewText functions contains and replace
ChangeText comparison is now case sensitive
NewCase insensitive Text comparison operator ~=
NewDynamicVisual Items
NewMulti-line comments
ChangeImproved Hive Error Messages
NewNew properties "Busy graphic URL" & "Busy graphic pos." for ShapeDiver3d control
ChangeConfigurator component is now called Design

Release 15 Dec 17

Version 1.19.5

NewNew property "Custom URI parameter" for ShapeDiver control (e.g. to set custom ShapeDiver viewer version)

Release 7 Dec 17

Version 1.19.2

FixSome SVGs were not drawn anymore in latest Chrome version 63

Release 6 Dec 17

Version 1.19.1

NewZoom & pan of graphic view on touch devices with pinch to zoom
NewShapeDiver3d control parameters are now initialised with configuration values from SigSlos

Release 12 Oct 17

Version 1.18.0

NewVisuals from nested GraphicComponents can now be used as interactive visuals in a graphic view
ChangeGroups in component list with many components are now collapsed by default
FixSome minor issues in quick launcher

Release 5 Oct 17

Version 1.17.2

FixShow preview images for SVG images uploaded in storage tab

Release 28 Sep 17

Version 1.17.1

FixShow details for "non image" resources in storage tab

Release 19 Sep 17

Version 1.17.0

NewMagento 2 shops are now supported
NewCreate drafts based on other drafts and on older versions (tooltip shows the based on version)
NewNew "Selected" & "Deselected" signal for checkboxes
ChangeUpdated publish dialog, warning will be displayed if recently published changes will be overwritten
ChangeShow info message if a deleted draft is opened in preview
ChangeDrafts are now sorted by their name
ChangeWarning will be shown if a draft gets deleted
FixSVG rasterization fixed, backgrounds are now transparent again

Release 17 Aug 17

Version 1.16.0

New⭐ Introducing Drafts
ChangeRestore your deleted configurators up to seven days

Release 10 Aug 17

Version 1.15.0

New"Select text" parameter for "Set Focus" slot of textboxes
NewDynamic signals for output parameters of ShapeDiver3d control
NewProperties for horizontal & vertical alignment of text inside buttons, panel headers, checkboxes & RadioButtons
NewProperty "Looks like button" for checkboxes & RadioButtons
FixClicking on a graphic view removes focus from currently active element

Release 1 Aug 17

Version 1.14.33

NewDocumentation of controls DOM & CSS classes
NewSigSlos are automatically updated when renaming a control
NewControls can be copied in configurator editor
NewMore auto completions for custom CSS (built in classes, custom classes from controls etc.)

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