Value component
  • 19 Jan 2023
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Value component

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Different data types can be stored in a value component. The most simple of these are numbers, text, and logic. These can be simply selected in the dropdown menu on the top right. Also, more complex data types like lists or the values of other components can be stored here. 

A list, for example, cannot be selected in the dropdown menu. In order to use the list data type for your value component you can write List<Number> into the input type textbox. Instead of number you can use the needed datatype. 

When referring to a resource, the type of the resource defines the data type of your value component e.g. image or document. While referring to a record component, the input looks like this: Record<{Key=Number,Name=Text}> - every existing column in the record is mentioned here.

Parts of a value component

A value component always consists of three areas: input type, rule, and result. 

The input is a value that can be used to calculate or which is saved in the value component e.g. a user input from a text box. The input data type is the one that is defined for the component as mentioned before

The rule contains calculations, rules, or mappings to other components. The syntax which is used for these calculations is Hive. A multitude of operations (addition, multiplication, ...) can be performed in components using Hive. It is possible to access a value of another component and perform cross-component calculations. As in other programming languages, an if / else condition can be mapped in Hive. Hive also provides some auxiliary functions, e.g. to round a number commercially.

The result area shows the calculated result of the rule.

When a value is needed to be available after a configuration is finished, you can check the "archive" checkbox on the right side of a value component. Now this value will be shown in the results page for each configuration in the configurations menue.

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