User Permissions
  • 07 Nov 2023
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User Permissions

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Article Summary

Every user can be assigned to multiple companies with it's own individual role. The roles always include the permissions of the preceding one.

Basic explanation

guestRead-only access to the platform .E.g. to view the metrics or latest changes of configurators.
collaboratorCan create/edit/delete Drafts but isn't allowed to publish them.
developerSimilar to Collaborator and can also publish drafts.
managerIs allowed to edit the staff (invite, manage permissions), manage company settings and withdraw configurators.
adminCan manage the configurators and whitelist. This role is only given upon special agreement with Combeenation.

Detailed Overview

view company/configurators
view metrics
view history
view whitelist
view drafts
view assets in editor
view draft in editor
edit draft in editor
manage draft
manage assets

run workflows

manage CbnPlugin

publish configurator

withdraw configurator

manage staff roles

manage API tokens

manage company settings

retrieve configurations/finishes

manage workflows

manage configurators (delete, restore, copy, update display name)

manage whitelist

Manage staff

Only managers or admins can manage staff. The staff tab can be found in the company settings (gear-icon next to the company name). In this view you can do the following:

  • Invite new users
  • Edit role of existing users
  • Revoke access to the company

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